To begin with, when the car was released, it was the most expensive car in the world and also the most complex.
Think about cars dealership and how they give you electric windows if you pay extra. The Mercedes 600 has no electric windows, but an complex hydraulic system which controls many features of the car, like the windows, the fresh-air ventilation system, door and trunk closing, the sunroof and the suspension. It was a big deal for 1964, but it was also the weak point of this car. Because of it’s complexity, one needed the right engineer to repair it if a problem occured. Caution was also needed when it came to the right type of oil. In order to preserve the system as long as possible, one could have used only mineral oil, otherwise the system would have been destroyed.

An interesting fact is the 6.3L V8 with 300 bhp engine, that needed 24l/100km to run. What a big waste! But at that time, consumption was not the main problem for those who could afford buying this car. The biggest engine developed by Mercedes at that time was a 3L v6, so this new engine was developed secretly and then tested by the producers and they simply loved it!

What I personally like about this car is that it gives you the feeling of power and elegance, even if it’s a big nasty piece of metal and leather.
I also like those straight lines, which give some kind of minimalist aspect.