I know this should be a “Top ten car dashboards, look how faggot I am posting this  garbage that everyone is posting bla bla”. Instead of this, I’ll just say my opinion about some real badass cars with some real shit on the dashboard. (Just think of a car with a shit on the dashboard)
The KITT 2000 Dashboard source: This
I just don’t know anything about those cars, but they look just awesome.I think.
Look at that kitt 2000 dashboard! Have you seen star wars? This is in real life, you get a car and a D2 module. Also I think this car is a pontiac modification for a movie, whatsoever if you can pull that pedal at a stop bar to bar with an bmw, it’s great. Why? Because it’s the first computer to beat a BMW. Just kidding, nothing is better than a bmw (besides that garbage called Nissan) and a lot of japanese cars. It’s a very good 4 wheeled car, and you can’t beat that. Right?
Also, I’ll post some images with other old PC style dashboards that I found very interesting. Not a great design, don’t think that I’ll show you some kind of iPhone cars from the past. They are just…interesting to watch..and feel..
Go here too:     Citroen BX Beep Beep Basakjfjk
And all these are cool:
Subaru XT 4WD 1800 Turbo;
Nissan Z31 300ZX;
Renault 21 TXE Electronic;
Opel Monza GSE;
Toyota Celica (1987);
Toyota Corolla AE86;
1989 Buick Reatta- touchscreen;
Citroen GSA from 1981;
1980 Citroen Karin;
1981 Citroen Xenia (Coggiola);
Alfa Romeo 90 QO;
Aston Martin Lagonda;
See you guys, I hope you find this interesting too!