In today’s topic I would like to talk about a car great design. What I believe is a great car design (maybe best) and how has been made so iconic for this car.

And I’m talking about the BMW E36 and it’s simple yet effective design. Mad curves, mad lines, the iconic BMW look that inspires power and is really good at doing that. Even if you put an 20 cp engine on this car, you will still think that is very powerful because of the way it’s great design works . ITS BADASS! There are many more powerful cars out there in the same price but this is the only one that is mad. Mustang looks powerful, Nissan looks powerful, Camaro looks powerful but this car is really the most popular guy on your college. And also it’s gorgeous, the simplicity of it is absolutely outstanding. Bmw created a car that lives through time. Very masculine, makes you feel like a bad boy!