It’s not that bad, actually it’s not bad a all. And I’m talking about Toyota Corolla E11. It’s ugly, and her “goofy eye” sister is more ugly.  But that’s the first impression. You have to drive this car to understand the meaning of a car that has all you need (ABS, AC, electric windows, servo direction, space, low fuel consumption, power, etc). For example the 1.4 VVTI engine, although it does not have turbo, it can deliver 97 hp only using his ECU. And I think that’s more that engough from a everyday car. Besides that, the car is very strong and rust-proof and easy to drive. As for the design, It has to bring you a natural feeling. All curves on the dashboard are rounded and gives you a simple natural feeling. It’s great to interact with this car, just because it was a cheap car with great abilities. And very easy to fix, as I changed a lot of stuff to mine’s without any need of an expert. Also the 2016 version is great too, it has all you need, you just buy and drive it until you want to sell it.