2 days ago, I’ve decided to get out the interior of an Ford Ka because I found out that water was getting in.
The final results of a 17 years old car is here. After removing the entire interior and the carpet (to find out my socks smell better after a day of running than that carpet) I found out that the entire car was messed up. The main problem is that water passes through the membrane of the windows and the main console. It’s really scary to think what could have happen while driving in this car, I’ve attached some pictures to see how bad this looks.

It’s clear that even in the past, someone tried to fill the rusty holes but not with some great results. And the thing was mortal, because the water was getting in under the carpet, eating and eating from the car in the “shadow”. What a perfect plan!
It’s interesting how some small thisgs like a bad membrane or a small hole can ruin an entire car design. This  was looking good on the outside, and even now with the interior back on it’s place is looking good. But is it worth it? You drive a good car without knowing that it can break from minute to minute.

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