Maybe it sounds a little bit clumsy to write a post with this title, especially when I posted something like “Powerful design BMW”, but in fact lately I just fall in love with bmw. Why? Because compared to other cars, BMW has developed some kind of personal style, that needed just minor changes in time just not to brake that look, but still to look fresh. They found something apart from the other in their design, and kept that look until now. They are apart from that “new car concept” thing, with futuristic design for new models and nothing related to previous verions. Even the Logo suffered minor changes but the feeling is the same, you see blue and white and a round shape than it’s BMW! You see 2 lighted circles than it’s angel eyes! They are just so iconic! I wont say they are the best right now, but looking forward to other car evolution, they are making the same car over and over again but it’s still Bmw! Do you get this? :))