Yesterday, while surfing the magical web, I saw a video posted by some random guy with an old top gear episode where they were presenting vw phaeton 2002 model as the best car in the world. I’m not a big fan of vw so I clicked that video just to clear myself. And I really have to tell you, that car seems to be great! I would love to drive one to see what kind of feeling you get. It have functions like dehumidifier for your windows (You can make a tea inside that car without any problems) and a lot of engineering in it with some kind of complicated stuff like parameters and parameters

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and so on. Little details like sequential headlamp washers and automatic trunk makes it even better. Want to talk about the engine? So you got a 3.2 VR6 engine with 238bhp and it gets better with later models. Even if it’s looking like an old Passat (looking better from the back) It still has something unique and tempting. It’s king of sexy, sure and works best on black color. And I’m sure that even if you are driving with 200 km/h it’s still stable and still sexy. As for the later models, they get rid of that passat look and equip a 6.0 W12/ 444 bhp on it, just to be sure 😉